Let's Build the #1 Consulting Platform to Help Academic Editors and Marketing Agents to Review the AI Intelligence at the Interface of Research Articles and Service Plugins API by Consulting with Authors and Developers

In today’s digital landscape, a developer writing an AI prompt that orchestrates an interface among various service plugins API is akin to an academic author writing a research article.

editoReview is an experimental format of crowdsourced editorial reviews by AI search (“retrieval augmented generation”) of articles and AI usage (“dynamic chaining”) of services.

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Join thousands of users from top institutions who are already leveraging 1,000+ service plugins API and 2,000,000+ research articles.


Are you an academic editor or a marketing agent in need of consulting assistance to craft an editorial review that specifies how a research article should be AI-searchable or how a service plugin API should be AI-usable in the context of the (arXiv library) literature and the (OpenAI store) market?

Or perhaps you’re an article author or a service developer looking to offer a consultation to demo how your research article or service plugin API can be AI-searchable or AI-usable, specifically targeting only pre-qualified editors and marketers as your clients.

Maybe all of you are interested in showcasing these qualified editorial reviews in your catalogue or portfolio?

Whether you’re a client, such as an academic editor or a B2B/B2C marketing agent, or a consulting brand, such as a research article’s author or a service plugin’s developer, the editoReview consulting platform is designed with you in mind.

At editoReview.com, authors and developers consultants help editors and marketers to articulate an editorial that specifies how intelligent search and intelligent usage (i.e., “AI-Search”, “dynamic chaining”) is possible at the interface of a research article or service plugin, contextualized within the knowledge data of other articles and the markeplace data of other services.

WorkSchool 365, also known as editoReview, is a free open source implementation of this methodology powered by Microsoft (Copilot Studio, Azure AI Search, SharePoint, Azure Entra ID) in the Microsoft marketplace guaranteeing the highest degree of identity governance and data governance, as required by enterprises and governments.